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One of the greatest things about using a Jeep Wrangler for off-roading excursions is the ability to remove all the unnecessary stuff that causes blind spots and blocks your vision of the beautiful nature around you. Of course that is the same nature you are about to crush through with your 4×4 and make it a beautifully flattened piece of nature. As well made as Jeep are the more you push them over the edge the more things are going to shake loose or break. One of the things that can break is the risers under the various seats. Lucky for all Jeep owners Xtremeterrain.com sells Driver Side Replacement Seat Riser for Jeep.

There are a lot of you out there that think it is okay to jerry-rig a broken seat riser and think that it will stay safely in place as you jump through puddles and mush the brush. The fact is you may get luck or maybe you won’t. If you aren’t lucky and your little mismatched rig-up breaks while you are flying through the air and your seats comes loose what do you think happens then? That’s right you either end up under the Jeep or through the windshield. If you survive that little excursion without serious injury you should put in an application to be a crash test dummy, but chances are you won’t survive a situation like this without serious problems.

So, instead of spending thousands of dollars on medical bills you could have just spend about two hundred bucks at Xtremeterrain.com and bought a Driver Side Replacement Seat Riser for Jeep. The funny thing is that making things works the wrong way often takes longer than doing them the right way. The risers that are mentioned above are easy to install, don’t require and drilling and are even set up to move like the originals for easy access to the back seats.

It truly is your choice. Spend months thousands of dollars and months in a hospital bed or spend a couple hundred dollars and thirty minutes in your garage? I think most people when faced with the choice will choose the later.

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