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Hi-Lift Jack (Red) 60" 7000lb. All Cast

If you are new to Jeeps and offroading I want to introduce you to the Hi-Lift Jack ~ a Jeepers best friend. With over a 100 years behind it, the Hi-Lift Jack is a rugged tool in any experienced Jeepers rig for a reason. This jack can take care of situations requiring lifting, pulling, pushing, winching, and clamping. It has been responsible for helping many Jeepers get home.

Once the lift and larger tires are installed in our Jeeps a stock jack will not lift the Jeep high enough to change the tire or work on it. The Hi-Lift jack is specifically designed in 42” 48” & 60” heights to suit your needs. It helps make changing a tire on the trail a lot easier. Before using the jack be sure to familiarize yourself with its operating parts and handling capabilities. Always make sure the handle is locked in the upright position before doing anything remotely close to it.

I strongly suggest you add this valuable tool to your rig before any off-road excursion. This jack can do about whatever task you throw at it. Include the winching kit and you can easily hand winch yourself out of a stuck situation more easily. The kit includes a winch attachment, winch tensioned, tree strap, D ring, shackle, and gloves. Winch time is reduced significantly using the winch attachment and tensioned together. These jacks have a 7000 pound capacity and will lift, push, pull, hoist and clamp equally!

Many Jeepers store their Hi-Lift jacks in different places. I have mine mounted on the hood, its secure and out of the way. Another place to store the jack is either on the front or rear bumper. I also have seen it mounted on the roll bar. Where ever you store your Hi-Lift jack make sure its is in a secure place that will not come loose while offloading, climbing hills or in the event of a roll over.

Wash mud and grit off the Hi-Lift after a trail ride and lubricate its working parts with a little WD40 will keep the jack working for many years

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