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There are a lot of Jeep owners who don’t understand why their Wrangler even needs mirrors. Afterall the only thing they do is let you see what you have already crusher through when off-roading. The fact though is that mirrors are for when you are on the real road if you don’t have them you get a ticket and no one likes a ticket. Well maybe a ticket to the Jeep show.

The other issue with mirrors is that they often get in the way when out beating down the brush and hopping through puddle jumps. And of course they occasionally get damaged or even taken off completely. Thank goodness for HighRock 4X4 Replacement Mirrors in Black for 87-06 Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ & Unlimited because they are affordable and fit a bunch of different Jeep models.

These mirrors fit on different types of doors like soft doors, full steel doors and element doors. They come in black to match the rest of the trim on most jeeps and are made of cast aluminum which helps keep the mirror weigh to a minimum. The cool part is that they are a lot less expensive than one would think replacement mirrors would cost. Xteremeterrian.com sell them for under eight-five bucks compared to other places that charge well over a hundred dollars.

HighRock 4X4 Replacement Mirrors in Black for 87-06 Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ & Unlimited are also made so they are big enough that you can see the damage you’ve done to the off-road terrain you just plowed or see the other crazy Jeep runners trying to catch up to you. Or you can just look back and laugh at the jerk who got himself stuck in one of the those wimpy 4x4s made from another company other than Jeep.

Remember side mirror are the law in most states so even if you don’t use them whe you are out bopping around in the bush you have to put them on when you hit the pavement. Tickets are just a waste, the money you spend on them could be spent on your jeep instead.

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