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Rear Bumper for 2007-Up JK Wrangler, Rubicon and Unlimited by Body Armor

The primary goal of a Jeep bumper is to protect any damage from occurring to your grill or radiator. While many of the bumpers on the newer model 4×4’s offer adequate protection, many off road enthusiasts prefer to upgrade to a model that was designed for off road use and will provide more protection for those who enjoy taking their vehicles over rough terrain.

Changing your stock bumpers to something different not only helps with protection, but it can also change the look of your vehicle. Some Jeep bumpers are designed to give a tougher look than others, these looks are not only cosmetic but different bumpers also offer helpful accessories. Some bumper models offer tow hooks or rings, winch mounts, and light mounts and brush guards.

Depending on your preferred terrain for off-roading you may want to consider adding a Jeep bumper with these additional safety features. While many off roaders who prefer rock crawling choose a narrower model of bumper, those who spend much of their time in the dirt or mud should consider bumpers that offer winches or tow hooks. These kinds of terrain can often leave you stuck in a situation where you will need a tow to pull yourself out. By having tow rings or a winch, the process of getting out of a tough situation will be much easier.

If you’re considering upgrading your front bumper don’t forget about the rear one also. The rear Jeep bumpers are just as important as your front bumper. Rear bumpers are designed to help protect your vehicle from damage and often have integrated hitch mounts. Rear bumpers also provide a platform that allows for the mounting of a swing away rack for use with oversized tires.

When purchasing new Jeep bumpers for your vehicle take into consideration the primary off roading conditions you drive on and the kind of protection that will be necessary for that terrain. There are many models available, if you feel overwhelmed by all of the choices consult a professional or ask your off roading friends which model they prefer. Whether you’re looking for a model to change the looks of your Jeep or looking for more of a functional bumper, there are plenty of models available to meet your needs.

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