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Rugged Ridge Hardware Kit for Replacement Fender Flares, fits 1955-86 Jeep CJ

Many Jeep owners who enjoy taking their Jeep off road want to have tires that are oversized. Sometimes they get lift kits and add the larger tires and sometimes they simply want to add larger, wider tires that have better tread so that they get better grip on slippery trails or over rough, rocky terrain. The problem is that many Jeeps are not made for to accommodate those kinds of tires. That’s where Jeep fender flares come in.

Jeep fender flares allow you to have tires that are much larger and wider than traditional tires. The flares are usually in the same style as the Jeep you are adding them too, and most of them are very easy to install. In fact, some of them are so easy that you literally just snap them into place! Fender flares are designed more for those who like to take their Jeeps off road, especially for those drivers who want to have the aggressive crawler look for events such as rock crawling. Or just to make people think they participate in rock crawling, as these fender flares will look good on any Jeep and can make even a small town Jeep look tough.

Many fender flares are made of urethane, which is extremely tough and nearly unbreakable. This is perfect for rock crawling or whatever else you want to do with your Jeep. Narrower Jeep fender flares give your Jeep a more aggressive look, while the higher they are the larger diameter tire you can safely have on your Jeep. It’s a great way ensure that your Jeep will have the clearance you need when you go off roading or when you have to deal with a lot of high speed bumps at the local mall.

There are various designs you can choose from. The narrow flat panel design ensures your Jeep looks aggressive while the step down design looks more rugged than aggressive. Another style that will make your Jeep look rugged is the tubular flat panel design. You can add running lights to your Jeep fender flares and mud flaps are great for when you’re on the highway. You can find them that easily remove for going off road. There are various colors of fender flares available to match your Jeep. Just decide what style you would like and match them by model and year.

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