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There are many things to consider when purchasing a lift kit for your Jeep. First of all, which type would work best for your Jeep’s purpose, there is a body lift kit which is designed to increase the amount of space between the body and frame; then there is a suspension lift which increases suspension travel and ground clearance, which makes suspension lift kits ideal for those who are interested in taking their vehicle off-roading. The important to remember when choosing your lift kit is that the higher you lift your vehicle, the greater the chance of roll-over accidents.

When choosing a lift kit, if you’re not an experienced mechanic it may be best to have it professionally installed to insure that it is done correctly. The installation process involves a lot of work and time to under your Jeep. If you do not have experience in this area it may best to consult a professional to avoid any unintentional damage to your vehicle.

Once you have chosen the lift kit that is best suited for your Jeep, there are other important parts that will need to be improved as well. Your brake lines will more than likely need to be extended. Once your vehicle is lifted, the factory brake lines will need to be replaced with longer and stronger lines because the wheels are now further from the master cylinder.

If you are installing the kit yourself you will need to know if it is a toe-in or toe-out system. If it is a toe-in system the fronts of the tires on one axle will point towards the body of the vehicle, this design increases the straight-line stability of the vehicle. If it is a toe-out design the wheels are pointed towards the outside of the vehicle, this design will enable your vehicle to have a better response when cornering.

Choosing a lift kit for your Jeep is not only about finding the one that will give your vehicle the look you want, but there are also a lot of other parts that need to added and improved in order for your lift kit to work properly and be safe to drive. If you are unsure of what needs to be changed on your Jeep in order to install a lift kit, consult with a professional who is familiar with installing and the process of adding a lift kit to your vehicle.

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