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Jeep Skid Plate

Transmission Skid Plate Bracket for 2007-09 Wrangler JK, Rubicon, and Unlimited by Rancho

If you take your Jeep off road, it is very important that you have Jeep skid plates. Skid plates are also called sump guards, and they are steel plates that are attached to the undercarriage of a vehicle so that key components are not damaged when you are traveling off road. You may think it’s not worth the trouble or the money to add Jeep skid plates, but think about it: when you go off road, you are often traveling over extremely rough terrain. Your oil pan, transfer case, and gas tank are just some of the key components that can be damaged by the rough terrain. You could end up spending a lot more to fix the damage caused than you would spend to prevent it with skid plates.

Many times, skid plates are available with off road packages when you first buy a Jeep. A lot of people prefer to buy their Jeep skid plates as an upgrade using after-market parts so that they have total control over exactly what goes on their Jeep. Those who live in towns and cities often find they need to buy skid plates for their Jeeps in order to protect them from damage caused by boardwalks and speed bumps.

There are several different kinds of skid plates available for your Jeep. Axle and differential skid plates protect the vulnerable parts of your Jeep such as the pinions. Steering box skid plates are designed to protect the steering box; after all, you don’t want your steering to go out when you’re driving on a rugged mountain road! Full tank skid plates are perfect for protecting your gas tank from being punctured or scraped, which is a good way of protecting yourself. You can also get skid plates that protect your transmission and transfer case, engine, oil pan, radiator, exhaust, to cover U-bolts, control arms, and that will protect the frame.

Some parts require drilling and some do not. It’s important for you to decide what parts you need to protect your Jeep and whether you want to do any drilling. Once you decide, you can choose from a variety of styles, materials, and colors so that you can easily protect your Jeep and save money on repair costs.

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