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We all know that Jeep Wrangler owners spend a lot of their time off-roading out in the woods with the top and doors off the way a Jeep is suppose to be driven. There is little better then listening the branches break underneath your bumper as you crash through the brush or the splash of mud on your face as you go headfirst into a blind water hole. But of course there are times when you need to have the top to take your date to a nice meal or protect yourself from the weather. So when you do have the top up you want it to look the best it can that is why you need Soft Top Cleaner and Protectant Kit by Bestop.

This stuff is awesome and can be found at Xtremeterrain.com for only about thirty five bucks. The kit comes with everything you need to clean the windows and the soft top. It also adds a nice layer of protection from the UV rays that can suck the life right out of your top. It is easy to buff on and then simple to wipe off.

All Jeep off-roaders love to come back from a long day of mudding with a crusted vehicle that looks like it just went through a mud storm. The thing though is if you did go through the mud storm with the top up you will want to make sure it is protected from your crazy adventure out in the woods. This stuff is so good that most stuck on gunk will come right off with a swift shot of high pressure water. We all know that the mud crust is a badge of honor, but it also can hurt your paint job and Bestop top and windows.

Jeep owners love to treat their Wranglers like a pet or a child and they would never dream of using cheap soap that could hurt their kid or pet nor would they want to do anything that would hurt their Jeeps. That is why many Wrangler owners only use Soft Top Cleaner and Protectant Kit by Bestop.

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