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A steering stabilizer, also referred to as a steering damper, works like a shock absorber for your steering system. That may sound odd, as your steering wheel ideally shouldn’t hit the ground. The parts of your jeep that do hit the ground, however, routinely send that impact throughout the vehicle. The shock absorbers attached to your wheels are useful for blunting the effect of rough pavement, but sometimes extra help is needed with larger potholes or smaller boulders. The steering stabilizer is meant to protect the steering column – and your wrists – from whatever you are putting your tires through.

A good steering stabilizer can be found for around $50, which is much cheaper than replacing your steering linkage. Depending on your health insurance, it should also be cheaper than fixing whatever damage is done to your wrists. Replacing the steering stabilizer should be an easy task for a competent mechanic. One piece of advice, though; if you don’t have a Pitman arm puller, it is worth renting one to remove the tapered bolt which is holding the old stabilizer in place.

XtremeTerrain has a great selection of Steering Stabilizers such as ORV, ProComp, Rancho, Rough Country, SkyJacker, TeraFlex, Trail Master, Tuff Country, and Warrior. If you plan to lift your Jeep soon, plan on upgrading your steering stabilizer as well. If you’ve already done the lift, it’s not too late, just less convenient. Getting the job done will make your Jeep easier to control and less likely to break again. What’s not to like?

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