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Oh yeah, summer is on the way and all you can think about is that strapless bikini on your baby and watching her jump through the water, skip over hills and get all mudded up…err…what? Oh sorry, we are talking about a Jeep Wrangler here with a Strapless Bikini Top for Jeep Wrangler 86-91. Didn’t mean to get you all excited.

The good news though is that for people who drive and own Jeep Wranglers strapless bikinis made for their vehicles are just as exciting as the kind found on woman. The best part though is that these bikini tops are made to stay on all day. They will help the driver keep the sun off them as they drive and it will also cover up any valuables in the back and keep them safe from harm.

Bestop makes a Strapless Bikini Top for Jeep Wrangler 86-91 that easily attaches to the Jeep directly to the sports bars to give is a sexy look that is made in premium 18oz Hartz fabric that comes in colors that perfectly match fabrics from the manufacturer. The one sold at Xtremeterrain.com is made with marine-grade thread that resists mildew and also has industrial strength webbing so it lasts for a long, long time.

When the bikini top is put on the Jeep Wrangler properly it won’t flop around like a lot of the cheap imitations. There are a lot of Wrangler owners who count down the days to spring and summer when they can finally take off the hard top and replace it with the strapless bikini top. It makes the vehicle look like a sexy sports car and makes off-roading a blast because you can hear the sound of branches cracking as you plow through the brush. You feel the rush of water at your foot when you dive through a deep puddle and best of all people can see how cool you look doing it.

If you don’t own one already it is time to get a Strapless Bikini Top for Jeep Wrangler 86-91. Xtremeterrain.com sells the Bestop Brand for about sixty bucks.

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