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BayState Jeepers
Another Jeep club one may consider joining is the Baystate Jeepers. The Baystate Jeepers was formed in 1998, with the goal of promoting off roading as a family-oriented activity for 4wd Jeep off roading enthusiasts and the sport of driving on primitive roads requiring high clearance four-wheel drive vehicles. They plan trail rides once a month generally from March through November (weather permitting) and during the summer months they incorporate their trips with camping and other activities. They rate their trails from 1 (easiest) to 10 (most difficult) so it is easy to tell if the challenge is something you would enjoy. Most the trips they go on range in the difficulty scale of 4 to 6.

Different activities that Baystate Jeepers have partook in are through out the years are various canned food drives, charity fund raisers, and trail cleanups, including working with the State Forest Service. This enables them to help keep trails open and to gain access to other trails as well as improve the image of Jeep Off Roaders. Baystate Jeepers practice the tread-lightly principles. Their representative for Tread-Lightly is Don Dewar.

As a member of Baystate Jeepers, Inc. you will receive a monthly newsletter which will keep you informed as to upcoming events and dates, trip ratings, directions, past trip reports, and more. If you are interested in becoming a member, check out their website at Baystate Jeepers.

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