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I didn’t collect a ton of information on each of these off roading clubs. I figured if they one was in your area, provided with the link, you could further research the clubs to see if they offer anything you would be interested in.

Firewalker Four Wheel Drive Club
They are a Jeep Club based out of N.E. Illinois and enjoy the sport of four wheeling. A responsible group that adheres to the Tread Lightly program, they attend organized Jeeping events locally and around the country.

Hobo Jeepers
With activities taking place in Denver, Colorado and the Rockies, this group takes its name from the spirit of a Hobo who “rides the rails” wherever it takes him. They instead, “ride the trails” and bounce around the mountains in that same exploring spirit.

Jeeps R Us
With members from all over the Central Pennsylvania area, Jeeps R Us works in conjunction with Blue Mountain Jeep Alliance to bring high quality Jeep activities to the area. Some activities include trail rides, Jamborees, camping, or anything else that can be done in a Jeep.

“Jeeps “R” Us was founded in 1995 and has about 75 members from all over the Central Pennsylvania area. Jeeps “R” Us uses volunteer members to bring high quality Jeep activities. Some of our activities include trail rides, Jamborees, camping, or anything else that can be done in a Jeep (What can’t?). Our club is all about having fun with people that have similar interests. It’s a family oriented club that welcomes everyone. You’ll have the opportunity to spend time in the great outdoors in some of most scenic areas of Pennsylvania. We guarantee that you learn a little vehicle technology that you will never forget. Come join us… We’ll bet you’ll be hooked!”

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