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Got another Jeep off roading club for everyone – the Great Lakes Jeep Thing. Their site is easy to navigate so I pulled some extra information off their site about the club and what upcoming events they have coming up.

The Great Lakes Jeep Thing is an environmentally-conscious Jeep club that strives to project a responsible and safe land use image on behalf of all Jeepers living in the Great Lakes region of the Midwest.

From the Great Lakes Jeep Thing website:
Membership Information:
“Welcome to GLJT! First, we at Great Lakes Jeep Thing would like to thank you for registering, and looking forward to having you be part of our website. As always, our website and forums are open and free for ANYONE to use.

Some of you may be curious about becoming part of the GLJT family…or becoming a full fledged club member. We are not an all inclusive organization. We are always looking for quality members to add to our roster. We work new memberships on a sponsorship basis for reasons I will get into a bit later.

Anyone is always more than welcome to attend GLJT meetings and functions. Discussion at meetings during the agenda is limited to club members, but questions and comments are encouraged either before or after that time.

New members will need to find a current member to “sponsor” them into the club. What that means is, before you actually join and pay dues we would like a chance to get to know you, and vice versa. Sponsorship period is for 3 months. Perspective members would need to attend all meetings in that time if at all possible. Attend at least one trail ride with your sponsor, and participate on the forums and website. On the meeting after the sponsorship period, the potential member leaves the room while his/her sponsor gives their opinion. Usually a decision is reached fairly quickly and a vote is taken by the general membership. Either in…or out. On occasion, we do have sponsored members that already have a lot of time around the club. Sometimes the sponsorship period can be a bit shorter than 3 months.

GLJT is a very diverse club. We have members from all walks of life, and all age ranges. The only requirement is you must be at least 18, and of course own a jeep. GLJT adheres guidelines set by organizations like the Blue Ribbon Coalition and Tread Lightly. The “gas pedal,” or “tear it up” crowd need not apply. When it all comes down to it, this is a club that loves to have fun, and will always go the extra mile to help out a fellow member.

Getting back to the reasons behind sponsorship. Clubs work best when you have a personal relationship with all the other members like we do. We put a lot of time and effort into this club, and we look at it like a big family. We really want a chance to know new members as well as we can before they actually join and pay dues. This works to be advantageous to both parties. Potential members have a chance to see if this club is for them before they join. No one wants to pay dues for a club when they find out later they would fit better elsewhere.

I hope this may clear up some questions for you. If you have any questions/comments about membership, or any club events or functions you can email us at contact@gljt.org. We will respond ASAP. Thank you.


GLJT Newbie Run Sunday May 2nd – Badlands Attica, IN
Newbie Run is our 1st club event of the year. It gives people , who are new to the hobby or are just checking it out , the opportunity to get out and see what their off-road vehicle can do. We encourage everyone to come out for this event whether you are brand new to the hobby or have been wheeling for 10 years. There is always something new to learn or share with the group. This is a free event, excluding park admission. Bring your own lunch or stop by the snack shack in the lower parking lot.

GLJT Show N Shine Sunday May 30th – Fuddruckers Addison, IL
Show –N- Shine is our 2nd event of the year. While there is no wheeling, this is a chance to get together with some friends and other enthusiasts to check out other’s rigs while getting some ideas for your own. More information will be posted as the date gets closer this event is also free. We’ll also be doing a raffle so you could have an opportunity to win cool stuff.

GLJT Summer Bash July 23rd and 24th – Badlands Attica, IN
Summer Bash is our 3rd event of the year. This is where old friends get together and nicknames/handles are earned. If you have never been to one of our Summer Bashes before, you must check this out. It is 2 days of wheeling with guided trail runs at The Badlands There is always tons of food and dinner is included in the Summer Bash Fee. This is our big wheeling event of the year. More info as the date gets closer.

GLJT Toys 4 Tots 4X4 parade (Date to be determined.)
GLJT T4T is our biggest and most important event of the year. This is a 4×4 parade down Lake Shore Drive all the way to the Marine base on Foster. Seeing 200 plus 4×4’s driving down Lake Shore Drive delivering toys to the Marine base is a sight to behold. Afterwards there is a GLJT after-party to celebrate a good cause. More information to be posted as it becomes available.

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