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I came across yet another family oriented Jeep Off Roading Club ~ Low Country Mud Rats Jeep Club based out of Savannah Georgia. Their website is http://www.lowcountrymudrats.com.

Here is some information on this Jeep Off Roading club I swiped off their website. 😉

“The Low Country Mud Rats Jeep Club is a club open to all models of Jeeps.

First off, one very important statement about this club. This is a family oriented club. Most of our members have families, which include children of all ages, that they want to include at all the club events. Safety is priority one.

Our club has been around since 2000 and was started by a few Jeepers that wanted to meet and wheel with fellow Jeep owners in the Savannah, Georgia area. Our members range from our casual Jeepers, who love trail rides or just Jeeps themselves, to our more experienced Jeepers, who enjoy going the extra mile, like rock climbing, mudding, or climbing hills.

Our club has a variety of Jeep builds, from stock to the very extreme, and a variety of Jeep vehicles (CJ, Wrangler YJ & TJ, Cherokee, Comanche, J Truck, Grand Cherokee, etc.)

The club loves to tackle Tellico ORV as the place of choice when it comes to wheelin our Jeeps.”

“If you are interested in our club or just want to come by to say “Hello” we have monthly meetings which take place the first Saturday of each month. Please see our Calendar or Forums for the exact dates. If you are interested in membership you can print out a Membership Application and please make sure to read and agree to our ByLaws.

Low Country Mud Rats ByLaws

Article I
1. This organization shall be knows as the Low Country Mud Rats.
2. This organization hereinafter to be referred to as, “the club”.
3. The club is for any, legally registered owner of any Jeep vehicle.
4. The club is a non-profit organization.
5. The club is a strong supporter of “Tread Lightly”.

Article II
1. The club is to provide social and recreational activates for its members.
2. The club is to participate in and to support civic and environmental activities for the betterment of the community and its membership.
3. All prospective members will be required to submit an application and pay the yearly or pro-rated yearly dues, at the time of application approval.
4. The club is to provide, for each new member and renewing member: a. A membership card, yearly

Article III
1. All members, and guests of members, must conduct themselves in a respectable and orderly fashion, while at any club fashion.
2. All members, and guests of members, must abide by the motor vehicle code of the state concerned, and by the laws and regulations of the city and county involved.
3. All members must keep their Jeep in a safe operating condition.
4. All members must keep the following items in, or on, their Jeep, and in proper working order, during any organized function:
a. Proof of vehicles insurance.
b. Seat belts for all occupants of the vehicle.
c. First aid kit.
d. Fire extinguisher, (rated 1A12BC), and properly pressurized.
e. Properly sized spare tire (within 1″ of the four tires on the ground)
f. Properly rated tow strap with sewn in loops on each end, for extraction of the member’s vehicle. (Please note: Any strap or rope, with hooks, will not be allowed.)
g. Roll bar of factory specs, or better.
h. Front and rear tow points (for vehicle extraction).
i. Fully functioning exhausts system, for noise and fire suppression.
j. All members will refrain from consuming any drug, of any type, while attending a club function. Any infraction can and will result in immediate membership revocation.”

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