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Norm Durrell

Although Norm is a man of few words, his skills go many years back and he is very proud to be a member of the Modest 4×4 Club. First, allow us to share a little about Norm Durrell and then more about the off roading club he belongs to – the Modest 4×4’s

Norm Durrell is 49 years old and resides in beautiful Roxbury located in Vermont… absolutely beautiful countryside’s. Norm bought his first Jeep back in 1980 – a 1977 CJ-5 from a AMC dealership. He is currently running a 1994 VJ that he is in the process of upgrading. Norm will tell you that the all time best modification he has done is the Currie Dana 44’s 5-13 gears and Eaton E-Lockers, Teraflex Hi Steer.

Norm’s favorite spot to off road is basically all over Vermont and if you have seen the countryside you understand why!

Norm belongs to the Modest 4×4 club and we thought we would share a little about them as well in this posting.. So, direct from the Modest 4×4 Club website… More about this family friendly club.

Modest 4x4 Club

Who is the Modest 4×4 Club?
The Modest 4×4 Club is a family oriented, substance free, group of 4×4 enthusiasts. We are an organization that pulls together land owners and off-road enthusiasts alike. We work together and have a responsibility to our land and our 4x4s to keep this sport we enjoy alive. What Modest 4×4 Club offers its members is a great time and a lot of rides. We will generally have at least one event a month, though we have had as many as 3.

Green Wheeling
As a club, we want everyone to know that there are responsible off-roaders in this world and many of them live in Vermont. This year we will be performing two dedicated trail cleanups. We also clean as we go, if you find a crushed 6-pack while driving, stop and throw it in the back of your rig. Every little bit helps.

Who Are Our Members
Our member base is as diverse as their vehicles we have members from across Central and Northern Vermont. They are mechanics, computer technicians, delivery drivers, farm hands, construction workers, machinists and many more. We are not a Jeep club, not to say we don’t have our fair share of Jeeps both new and old but we also have Toyotas, Chevys, Fords and almost anything else that has 4 wheel drive.

How much off-road experience do you need to join?
None, Everyone started somewhere our members and their rigs cover a broad spectrum of experience and abilities. From bone stock daily drivers that have never seen more than a dirt road to built up trail rigs that can climb a vertical wall. If you want to have a great time with a great bunch of people while enjoying our beautiful and sometimes very rugged Vermont landscape from a perspective most never see then Modest 4×4 Club is for you.

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