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I came across another Jeep Off Roading Club I thought I would put out there for anyone in the Massachusetts area that is interested. Contact information at the end of this blog.

“Patriot Jeepers, Inc is a Mass based Jeep only club. The minimum tire size is 31″ with the maximum tire size is 33″. There are plenty of clubs out there with big tires. This club is not one of them. This protects the newbie from getting in over his or her head and maybe wrecking his or her Jeep.

As a member of Patriot Jeepers Inc. you will receive an email newsletter that will contain information about the next jeep run (meeting spot, time,…) and happenings in the club. At the pre arranged meeting spot a driver’s meeting is held to talk about the day’s events. You will be traveling old roads to see scenic areas and mountain top views, that one might not typically not see with a typical 2 wheel drive vehicle.

You will be driving your jeep in 4 wheel drive low range with larger than factory tires that are aired down. (31″-33″Max.) In order to fit larger tires some type of suspension or body lift will be needed. We disconnect our sway bars to improve articulation, and maximize tire to ground contact, for better traction.

You will be traveling over unimproved primitive roads over rough terrain, at a snail’s pace. Seatbelts must be used for the duration of the trip. Most jeeps use traction devices, such as a locker or limited slip to clear obstacles that would stop a 2 wheel drive vehicle.

To keep in contact with each other, we use CB Radios. If someone were to get stuck in mud or hung up on a rock we would use the CBs to signal the jeep in front of them to back up, and use their 20 foot nylon tow strap to get them free. Some vehicles are equipped with a winch for self-recovery, which can also be used to free others.

After a day of jeepin’ during the summer months we use local campgrounds to spend the night at a group campsite. During these times, we gather around a fire, and talk about the run, tell stories, and have an overall good time.

We are one of many clubs that participate in cleanups to help keep these roads open for everyone to use.”

If you are interested in learning more about PatriotJeepers visit their website at http://www.PatriotJeepers.com or E-mail PatriotJeepers@aol.com.

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