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I came across another great Jeep Off Roading Club located in Illinois I wanted to share with you all – the Two Rivers Jeep Club (TRJC). It sounds like a pretty awesome club and has already done a lot for surrounding communities and more. You can check out their website or contact them for further information .

The following is from the Two Rivers Jeep Club website:

“Two Rivers Jeep Club (TRJC) is located in Pittsfield, Illinois, 60 miles west of the state capital of Springfield. Current membership is 250 (from 10 states) and is always full with a waiting list. In fact, it is probably the largest all-Jeep Club in the United States that maintains its own trails. But that wasn’t always so. In 1991, TRJC was founded by Tom Wombles and five other Pike County residents. It was formed for recreation and to help provide trails and guides for the first of the Land of Lincoln Jeep Jamborees. By 1992 membership stood at 25 and it has grown ever since. Membership, however, is limited to protect the trails from overuse.

What makes Two Rivers unique is that it operates on 100% private land. Trails range from scenic and easy to darn near impossible, especially when wet! The wide range of trails, and the number of them (usually 15 or so) has made it a favorite for those attending the annual Land of Lincoln Jeep Jamborees. There have been so many requests for trail riding, that TRJC now sponsors their own national event, the 4X4 Blast.

Many weekends are spent early in the year grooming the trails – and of course checking them out to make sure they are challenging enough! Oftentimes the club offers its services to the landowners to help maintain their farms and land as one way of thanking them for the use of their land. After the Jeep Jamboree in May, the club offers a regular schedule of runs for its members. Since the land is private, and the club respects the rights of the landowners, trails are only open for official club events. The land is closed to non-club members in order to maintain the privacy rights of the landowners.

Pittsfield is a very ” Jeep-friendly ” community, often asking the club to participate in local festivals and parades. This bond with the community led organizers within the club to see what could be given back to the community in return for their generous use of thousands of acres of land and trails. Drives to help organizations and the needy were established and in 1999 alone, over $5000 was donated by TRJC members to help individuals and organizations within Pittsfield and Pike County. At TRJC’s Christmas party alone, over 1000 pounds of food and supplies were donated to the Pike County Christmas Basket Program.

Now, into the new millennium, TRJC is focusing on land use issues. Before, it was felt there was no need to join UFWDA and other organizations since all the land was private. But it has become evident that even private land can be at risk and support for national organizations is necessary in order to keep our hobby viable. Besides that, most club members travel to other parts of the country and wheel on public lands so it is in everyone’s best interest to support national organizations that can wield much more clout than a few individual clubs.

Two Rivers has come full circle, realizing that it can provide recreation but at the same time provide a valuable service to the community and also provide support for off-highway travel on a national level. It’s a good feeling . . . and a good club!”

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