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7th Tennessee Mountains Jeep Jamboree April 2011

In an attempt to try to stay ahead of the game in refreshing everyone’s memories about upcoming Jeep Jamborees.. I am going to try to post these a couple months early prior to date of Jamboree. Information has been obtained from the official Jeep Jamboree Website

7th Tennessee Mountains
Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Apr 13-Apr 16
For the first time in Jeep Jamboree USA history, we’re offering three full-days of off-road adventure, exclusively at the Tennessee Mountains Jeep Jamboree. The idea for this three day Jamboree event was inspired by local coordinator Bob Yarbrough for participants who wanted more that just two days of off-roading. Attendees of this event will have the opportunity to learn about navigation, basic trail mechanics, the pros & cons of vehicle modification, trail preparedness, vehicle recovery and mechanical breakdowns.

The Coal Creek OHV Park (also known as Windrock Recreation Area) offers some of the best rock crawling opportunities in the country. Jeep® Jamboree veterans and first timers alike will enjoy the majestic scenery on the 72,000 acres of off-road bliss. The more difficult trails include off-cambers, hill climbs, rocks, and mud.
Tow hooks mandatory.
For registration information visit 7th Tennessee Mountains

18th Cajun Jeep Jamboree April 2011

18th Cajun
St. Francisville, Louisiana
Apr 14-Apr 16 2011

Magnificent gardens, vintage plantation homes, and warm Southern hospitality make St. Francisville a wonderful venue. Here’s your opportunity to conquer nearby trails which cross deep ravines, wind around sandy beaches, and carve through heavily forested areas. The Greenwood Trail features “Rollercoaster” – a winding trail up and down inclines and ravines. There’s also “The Slide” – a steep 30-foot downhill descent with a tight turn below around a well-positioned tree. This region is sparsely populated and densely wooded, offering spectacular plants and wildlife.
Tow hooks mandatory.
For registration information visit 18th Cajun

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