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After reading about Thomas Grady (previous blog) I got to thinking about the many people who do not take full advantage of all the fun their 4×4 vehicle can offer them. Yes, they look great to drive, and they get you back and forth to work, but they can also be a great source of entertainment. Not only that, but many just do not know truly what all their 4×4 is capable of, and by learning all they can do, they will be not only surprised but feel more confident when driving in less than desirable conditions.

One group who offers an excellent course in 4×4 Off-Road Training is Badlands Off-Road Adventures. Badlands Off Road Adventures, based in Redondo Beach, California, has trained hundreds of 4×4 owners and just people who want to learn, all the ropes in off-roading. Some of their students include the Orange County (CA) Sheriff’s Department, the Gas Company, the National Park Service, and the US Marine Corps.
Badlands Off-Road provides 4×4 off roading training in a friendly, casual, non-judgmental environment. Mistakes made while learning are not something the trainers laugh about but rather look at as learning experiences for the students, therefore are in many ways looked forward to and are expected. They also offer one on one training for those who are more comfortable solo.

Some of the classes available at Badlands Off-Road Adventures are:
• Beginner Clinics
• Ruts and Ridges (Picking Lines)
• Sand Off-Road Driving
• Advanced Winching
• Field Repair
• Rock Driving
• Rubicon Preparation
You can se the full list and schedules on their site at http://www.4x4training.com

Tom Severin, the master trainer of the 4×4 courses is a certified professional 4WD Trainer by the International 4-Wheel Drive Trainers Association© and a Wilderness First Responder (WFR). He is a member of the California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs (CA4WDC), United Four Wheel Drive Associations, and the BlueRibbon Coalition. He is also a certified “Master Tread Trainer Certified” – the highest level of training available through Tread Lightly, a certified CA4WDC 4WD instructor, a former Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer for the State of Pennsylvania, and has an extensive background (forty plus years experience) with four-wheel drive vehicles, on and off road, in various conditions and countries. He imported a Jeep while living in England and used it on vacation in France.

Tom has all the knowledge to teach you all the right techniques in how to get the most from your 4×4 as well as get you through trails safely and make it fun. He is more than happy to give you his expert opinion on what equipment your vehicle may need to be trail worthy. Having a professional 4×4 instructor is a great way to become acquainted with the world of off roading and answer any questions you may have. It will help strengthen your off-road driving skills and really build confidence if you also want to try your hand rock climbing.

If you’re new to the 4WD world or don’t own one yet, don’t let that stop you from joining in on the fun of off roading. With the Badlands Off-Road Adventure 4×4 training you will be old hat at off roading in no time! If you want more information, check out Badlands Off-Road Adventures website or give Tom a call!
Badlands Off-Road Adventures
Tom Severin
Redondo Beach, CA

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