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As a Jeep lover you understand the pain and suffering involved when you go out for a nice little mudding adventure on a Sunday afternoon and first thing that happens is that you hit a weird bump and you break something. It is very possible that you have just ruined your Sunday afternoon plans which we all know will also know will ruin the work weak because you will sit in your cubicle and think about how stupid you were for not carrying back-up Jeep axel replacement parts. One of the coolest things about the way Jeeps are built is that many of the replacement part for the axels are designed so you don’t have to disconnect the axels.

The back end of any good Jeep owner’s 4×4 should have two boxes; one for tools and the other with replacement parts for repairs on the fly. Most of what I have in my spare parts box are for the axel because many of these parts can be fixed in a very short time while out on the trails. Of course it may be easier to go home and fix them, but then you have to deal with the kids and other things that hang around your house on the weekend.

When I first stocked up my do it yourself Jeep axel replacement parts box I bought what is called a master installation kit. These types of kits include anything you need to fix your Jeep’s axel at home or on the fly. The one I picked up included pinion bearings, carrier bearings, a pinion nut, a pinion seal, preload shims (or crush collar), pinion shims, loctite, gasket, marking compound, differential shims, oil slingers and ring gear nuts.

You can usually pick up one of these master kits for less than $150, but the prices are often better from an on-line retailer. This way you don’t have to run around town looking for each piece when you need it. As you use parts replace them one-by-one so you always have a complete kit in your Jeep. If you always have a spare then you never have to worry about ruining your weekend fun.

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