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Jeff Hiltz

There are many benefits to becoming a member in an off road club. Some of these benefits include getting a lower insurance rate, participating in local off-roading events and making new friends who share the same passion as you do. Other benefits include off-roading on trails that you may not have had access to if you weren’t a member of an off road club. There are usually fees associated with becoming a member of a club, but many off-roaders feel that it is money well spent.

As a member of a local off road club, you may also benefit from special deals that the club has made with various businesses in your area. Some of these may include discounts on road service if your vehicle should become damaged. Other deals may be lower prices on auto insurance as well as discounts at repair shops. Becoming a member of an off road club, also proves to repair shops that you are dedicated and take the sport seriously which may lead to you becoming a valuable client to their business.

Becoming a member of an off road club will also allow you to participate in events that you may have not been able to participate in before. Because you belong to a club, you may find that these events are now more enjoyable than they were when you were attending them on your own. A club guarantees that you are surrounded by people who share the same passion for off-roading that you do. Events that are organized by a club are also safer than those that are not. An event planned by a local club will have all of the safety professionals that are in place to make the event more enjoyable and provide emergency care if something should happen.

By becoming a member of an off road club, you will also be able to bring your family along when you attend events. A club offers members a sense of belonging and safety; it is not uncommon to see families attending events that you attended on your own before you joined a club. There are many benefits to joining an off club, but you need to decide if it is the right choice for you.

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