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There are a number of modifications that many people want to make to their Jeep, either because they think it looks cool or because they heard someone else got one and it worked for them. However, there are just five modifications that every off roader needs on their Jeep before they take it to do some serious off roading.

  1. Winch. The winch is the single most important upgrade you will ever make to your Jeep. If you plan on going off roading with friends, a winch can keep them out of the ditch and on the road (or lack thereof). Everyone who goes off roading should have a winch to help out buddies on the same terrain. There are some situations that only a winch can get you out of. If a Jeep rolls a winch is the only way to salvage it. A winch could get you home, or get a buddy home, or tow a stranger home in the snow. You never know when it will come in handy.
  2. Choose appropriate Jeep tires for the type of off roading you will be doing. Keep in mind that if you get a tire much bigger than your stock tires you will have to retool the gear differential. This is not as expensive or difficult as it sounds, so don’t be worried. Also keep in mind that if you are getting a lift, you will need bigger tires for certain, so plan accordingly.
  3. The jeep lift is one of the first things all off roaders think to do to their Jeep, and rightly so. A lift increases clearance. This means you can drive over bigger stuff without getting stuck. It also means you can drive through some water sources without getting wet, such as a small creek. The type of lift you get will depend on the type of off roading you want to do. Choose carefully, as this is an expensive modification that you only want to do once.
  4. Rock rails come standard on the Rubicon model of Wrangler, but for any other Jeep you plan on taking off road this is a must have upgrade. It protects your vehicle from so many things, not just rocks. Heck, it will even protect your Jeep from people who open their door too wide. It also acts as an extra step, which is good if you got a lift and aren’t that tall.
  5. Differential lockers are also an important upgrade that comes standard on the Rubicon model. Lockers cause both wheels to spin identically, improving traction in low traction settings, such as snow, ice, or mud.

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