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Cindy Homans Creighton

Within the Jeep community I would have to say I have come across more love connections then Match.com and EHarmony combined! Again, we have yet another couple bonded by the love of Jeeps. Read on as Cindy Homans Creighton shares her Jeep love with you all.

Cindy Homans Creighton

My name is Cindy Homans Creighton, and I live in Springhill, Nova Scotia, on Canada’s east coast with my hubby and fellow Jeeper, Jeff Hiltz (the infamous “Pirate Jeep” on YouTube). We are kind of a Jeep love story actually.

Cindy Homans Creighton

We met almost three years ago; we both belonged to the Nova Scotia Jeep Club, and we met on a club run. We were both in our 40’s and as fate would have it, we were both single. This is quite a coincidence as we both had been in long-term relationships for the majority of our lives; our meeting had to have been fate. And also as fate would have it, we both had TJs that were the same color. At the time, we were the only ones in our Jeep Club to have TJs that color. A year later, we were wheeling with some friends and Jeff took me places and tried to get me stuck. When he finally got me stuck, he came back to my Jeep, got down on one knee in the mud, and proposed! Here is the proposal video:

(Here is the link just in case the video doesn’t upload right – I have had that problem before. 

I work from home as a legal transcriptionist and also work outdoors as wildlife/landscape photographer – and that is what prompted me to get a Jeep in the first place. I got my 2004 Jeep TJ in 2005 when it was about a year old and had only 11,000kms on it. I drove it stock until 2009, when the modifications began with a 4″ lift and 33’s. Lots of other mods happened over the next year and a half. It’s hard to say what my favorite mod is so far – they all have benefits in different ways. My belly-up skid gave me more clearance, the lockers gave me more traction, the RCV axle shafts gave me peace of mind that I will no longer break axles or u-joints, the long arms gave me more flex and a much better ride, and when all that previous stuff fails, the winch pulls me out. My least favorite mod was the short arms when I first lifted my Jeep. They were noisy and made for a terrible ride. I should have went with long arms from the start.

For future modifications, the only thing on my wish list right now is a front air locker. I have a Detroit Truetrac in the front at the moment which I’m very happy with, but it does let me down in certain circumstances.

Cindy Homans Creighton

This is what my Jeep looked like when I first got it, on the dealership’s parking lot:

Cindy Homans Creighton

Cindy Homans Creighton

And there it is today.

I don’t really have one favorite spot to off-road, but I do prefer trails that require technical driving like roots, rocks, off-camber trails and washouts, more so than mud. I’ve learned from experience how hard mud is on your Jeep.

Favorite off-roading quote – “…. Man it’s trail-rated…not ‘in-the-middle-of-the-woods-running-over-crap-we-can’t-see-and-driving-into-water-holes-rated!'”

I was in my 20’s when I first went off-roading, as a passenger. The first time I ever drove off-road was when I got a Jeep Liberty in 2004. Been hooked ever since (and a lot poorer too! lol)

Cindy and Jeff

I love off-roading my Jeep for many reasons: It gets your adrenaline going when you conquer an obstacle, you get to spend time with people who enjoy the same thing, you get to test your driving abilities and become better with experience, and it gets me into the woods on trails not passable by most vehicles. It’s a very cool feeling to be able to go where most people cannot.

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