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War Wagon 2.0

One thing no one can deny about the Jeep community is that they are more than just a community, they are family.  Since my involvement with XtremeTerrain I have had the pleasure to see and connect with fellow jeepers who never stop to amaze me with their connectedness, no matter the miles that separate, it still feels like family.  I have seen relationships develop into marriages due to the couples love for off roading, I have seen bonds become so strong, and I have seen the kindness and generosity amongst the fellow jeepers that goes beyond any other community so large.  With that being said, I want to share with everyone the story of Peter Bushacker that truly represents the depth of kinship that flows among Jeepers.

One day, a couple weeks back, I came across a post of a Jeep picture while strolling like I do to find interesting posts or pictures to share with everyone.  This picture was either posted on Camp Crocker’s page or Peter’s.  I do not recall, but the story not only caught my eye, but my heart as well.  It is a very inspiring story and one that represents just how wonderful the Jeep community is.  Allow me to share this story with you now, through Peter’s words.

Peter shared with us this story about how Camp Crocker, another very avid Jeep off roader and owner of COP4x4 came into his life

Peter Bushacker

Peter Bushacker

Peter is a 31 year old veteran of active duty army.  He served for over 7 years on active duty total time. Peter’s military career started out as a military police officer stationed in Schweinfurt, Germany. His stay was suppose to be for two years, but he extended it for another year so he could go in military support operations in Kosovo to aid in helping keep the peace in the war torn country. When he came off rotation from his deployment he requested to go to military police investigator school.  Peter attended MPI school at Ft. Leonardwood, Missouri for 4 months to be trained. He then returned to his desired base in Fort Hood Texas where he carried out the duties as a plain clothes active duty investigator.

Peter did a total of 5 years doing all of this in his first enlistment. After Peter’s term was up, he re-enlisted to go to school to be a supply sergeant.  He was quickly accepted went to Fort Lee, Virginia.  After a very short training period, he was assigned to the 101st airborne division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.  After a few month of being there, he was deployed to Iraq. Peter had been married prior to all this and a father of two, so this deployment was tougher on him emotionally than ones in the past.  With a sad heart, he proudly went off to serve his country in Iraq.  While deployed in Iraq, Peter started to notice extremely painful pangs in his chest, neck, arm, and left shoulder blade area. Peter sought aid several times on base and was told by the doctors that they felt that my coating on my long thoracic nerve was eaten away, by what know one knew, not even to this day.  However, it was something that could not be reversed and was going to be an ongoing depilating issue.  The military medevac’d Peter out of Iraq and took him back to Fort Campbell where they attempted to fix the issue without any luck.  It was at this time Peter received a medical discharge with an Honorable discharge with combat related injuries.

Life for Peter after returning to the civilian life was tough.  Peter was unable to hold down any type of employment for any length of time and begun to notice psychological problems sneaking up on him.  Peter sought help for the psychological issues he was having with the Department of Veteran Affairs where he took a battery of tests to find out what he was experiencing was Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) along with several other issues.  With the thoracic issue and PTSD, Peter is currently listed as a disabled veteran.

Camp Crocker

Camp Crocker

Peter, residing in San Antonio Texas did not know the man that would make such a huge impact in his life, however as fate would have it, the meeting of Camp Crocker would have its way.  Peter shared with us how this fateful meeting occurred and the process of the events that impacted his life so positively.

“How it all started with Camp was like this, there was a man named Nate Young.  He and my wife actually use to go to school together up in Wisconsin. After school they went their different ways and it wasn’t until like about a year ago they found each other again on Facebook.  My wife introduced me to Nate on Facebook and I asked to be his friend and talk jeep stuff together.

Kraken Vs. Big Red

Kraken Vs. Big Red

Well one day he posted a picture of Camp Crocker’s big red rig on Facebook and he shared it with me and said when you are ready for some serious upgrades this is the guy to see. So I was like awesome. And when I saw the picture I just sat and stared it was so cool. So I just commented on Camps’ picture not even knowing the guy and said that is a very awesome rig one day I will get mine looking like that. Next thing I knew, Camp sent me a private message and ask me to please tell me a little more about yourself. So I did, and then next thing I knew, Camp had arranged for a semi truck to come to Texas to pick up my stock jeep and had it brought to his shop in Sedona Arizona.  Camp, along with most of the big time sponsors gave him parts to create what is now known as War Wagon 2.0.

War Wagon 2.0

War Wagon 2.0

After Camp built it he flew me, my wife, and our two girls to Phoenix to unveil it. He had white sheets cover my rig when I arrived to the shop. We then took it trail riding in Sedona.  It was then that Camp presented me with a big metal can full of money that was donated to make our trip back to Texas the next day. Since then I, I consider Camp to be a very dear friend, not for what he did for me and our family as much as the for the generosity and kindness he showed us – total strangers to start with and now a person I consider to not only be a great inspirational person, a great man, and a great friend with some incredible talent.

What all Camp Crocker did to my Jeep:

  • 37″ Falkner tires on 18″ Black Rhino custom wheels
  • 52″ LED light bar by Rigid Industries and 2, 3″ LED lights on the bumper by Rigid.
  • 10,000 lbs. Winch from Bulldog
  • Custom billet style door handles made by COP 4×4 all the way around the Jeep.
  • Custom rock sliders by COP 4×4
  • Side Armor Plating
  • 4″ Lift Kit and all suspension work by TeraFlex.
  • Custom Black Diamond Fabrication Grill Inserts first pair to ever go on a Jeep Wrangler I might add.
  • Custom grab handles by surprise straps all interior of the rig.
  • Airaid high performance cold air intake and throttle body spacer
  • Drake hood latches
  • Hemi hood painted to match
  • LOD front stinger style stubby bumper with winch plate
  • Asfir 4×4 rear bumper and tire carrier.
  • It had a high performance transmission cooler and engine oil cooler as well.
  • Custom vinyl decals work all around tailored just for me.

And he did all of this free of charge and called the project “Let’s Build a Soldier a Jeep”.  Camp Crocker is an amazing guy with a heart of gold for veterans that have served. I wouldn’t have believed in a million years that I would ever have a Jeep to this magnitude. I feel I have a very blessed life, regardless of my medical difficulties.  I have my family, great friends, an amazing friend in Camp Crocker, and my Jeep.  Who could ask for more?

The reason I wanted to share my story was to share with not just the Jeep community, but everyone, what a wonderful generous and kind hearted thing Camp Crocker did for me and my family.  I will be forever grateful”.

Videos of War Wagon 2.0:

Before Camp Crocker

Stock 2011 JK, Trees Ranch, Texas

After Camp Crocker

The Grand Unveiling of War Wagon 2.0

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