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When most people get a Jeep 4×4 the first thing they want to do is modify it. They are in such a rush to make it look cool or to take it off roading that they often make some mistakes along the way. This usually comes from inexperience and a lack of knowledge. The best thing to do is learn about all the modifications and what they entail before you do anything. To help you out, here are the top five mistakes that are made by new Jeep owners that you should avoid.

  1. Making decisions too quickly is the number one mistake that people make. It is recommended that you wait six months to a year before doing any modifications to your Jeep. Consider after that amount of time what your primary use of the vehicle is. If it is off roading, then you can make modifications that are appropriate for that use.
  2. Getting in over your head. Make small modifications first. Do things that accessorize your vehicle rather than changing the way the vehicle performs. This includes small projects like adding a come along so you can get yourself out of sticky situations while off roading. These smaller modifications are much less expensive and will start you off on your path to modifications nicely.
  3. Not getting enough information before making Jeep modifications. You should get information from all types of people who have already been there. Ask people what modifications they made to their Jeep, and why they did it. This will give you some insight as to what modifications are appropriate.
  4. Sacrificing quality for cost is another major mistake. Many people want to make a lot of modifications at once, and they don’t really have the budget for it. So they cut costs and by doing so, cut quality. You want the best quality in your modifications if they are going to help your Jeep perform like you want it to. You also want the modification to be durable and not require a lot of maintenance.
  5. Finally, many people do not understand the full effects of making modifications to their vehicle. For example, putting a lift kit on your Jeep means that you must put bigger tires on your Jeep, which leads to gear issues that must be addressed with further modifications. Understand the full impact of what you want to do, and what modifications go hand in hand.

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