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Off-roading is a great way to spend a weekend; you get the sense of adventure while enjoying some beautiful scenery.  Jeeps can be a lot of fun, but while enjoying everything your Jeeps has to offer, it is also important that you take the proper safety precautions as well.  Below we have listed a few safety tips to help you and those around you stay safe out on the trails.

  • Pack Enough Supplies – Whenever you head out on the trail it is important that you pack enough food, snacks and water.  You never know when something may happen and you find yourself stranded out on the trail.  If you’re ever stuck or broken down for a long period of time you will be very happy that you remembered to pack extra food and water.  It is recommended that you pack double the amount of food and water you would normally take.
  • Pack Warm Clothes – Just because it was in the 70’s when you left doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that temperature all day.  Once the sun goes down so does the temperature, if you should happen to break down on the trail you will be thankful that you packed some warm clothes before you headed out on the trail.
  • Wear Good Shoes – You wouldn’t think that your footwear would be that important in off-roading but it can make all the difference in the world.  If you should need to push your Jeep you want to have shoes that provide you with the ability to grip the terrain.  You also want to have shoes that will help you walk over rocky and rough terrain should you need to walk out and find help.
  • Carry A Flashlight – Every off-roader knows that sometimes the unexpected happens and you may find yourself stuck out on the trail in the dark.  If you should ever find yourself in this situation you will be extremely grateful that you took the time to store a flashlight in your Jeep.  You also want to check the batteries every few months to ensure that they still work; there’s nothing worse than finding your flashlight only to have it die within a few minutes.
  • Always Have A First-Aid Kit – There are all sorts of dangerous things out on the trail that you might run into.  Depending on the location you may encounter snakes, poison ivy, bugs and even the ordinary scrapes and cuts.  If your Jeep should break down or your tire should need changing you may encounter an injury that needs attention.
  • And always have spare Jeep parts with you!  You know your Jeep better than anyone so you know which Jeep parts are most likely to cause grief. Have spares of those Jeep parts that you can easily carry along.

While these are only a few tips to help keep you safe while off-roading they are some of the most important.  Off-roading is a thrilling way to spend a weekend, but staying safe out on the trail is important.  Have fun and always be prepared for the unexpected.

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