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Rock crawling is an area of off roading that many off roading enthusiasts enjoy. It has become a favorite for many because of the different levels of challenges that it presents. There are levels ranging from beginner to expert, the important thing to remember is if you’re not an expert do not attempt a course designed for them. In rock crawling it is important that you start off slow and learn the proper techniques that are required for successful crawls. If you start off thinking you can handle a challenging trail too soon, you may bite off more than you can chew.

Rock crawling requires that certain modifications be made to your vehicle prior to attempting a climb. You should have a lift kit installed onto your vehicle so that you can safely clear any larger rocks that you may encounter on the trail. Before beginning a climb you should also check your tires to insure that they are at the proper level. Instead of adding air to your tires, in rock crawling you want to air down your tires to approximately 15 – 20 psi. By lowering the amount of air in your tires you will be able to place more rubber on the rocks. It also allows you to lessen the chance of high centering while attempting a crawl.

It is also important that you survey the area you are about to climb. This process allows you to see all of the obstacles, as well as take note of the safest way to maneuver your vehicle up the rock surface. Once you have started the climb, if you feel uncertain about the path you are taking, you may want to use a spotter to help you safely reach the top. A spotter can alert you to any problem that you may have overlooked when planning your path.

When rock crawling, speed is not your friend. Anytime you are attempting a crawl you should keep your speed low. Using a lower gear allows your tires to grab the surface of the rock safely and allow for a safe climb. A slower speed also allows for you to stop instantly should a problem arise. When rock crawling it is important to be as safe as possible and follow all of the proper safety guidelines.

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