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Strapless Bikini Top for Jeep 1980-83 CJ5 Black only

Can I get a count on you Jeepers that love to ride with your top off and feel the breeze? I bet that would be the majority of you. It gives you the similar freedom feel of that when riding a motorcycle, the wind on your face (wear a helmet of course for safety!). Now, how many of you enjoy running your Jeep in the winter without your Jeep top on? Not as many of you, I am sure, except for maybe a select few of extremists that are really reincarnated polar bears!

While it is great to feel the wind beneath your wings while you are riding with your Jeep top off, there are times it is just necessary to cover up. It is still just as much fun, just a whole lot more comfortable!

From the reddening glare of the sun to the downpours of rain, or bitter cold air, snow and sleet, from time to time you’ll need a little protection for your delicate areas like you, your leather interior, dash and floorboards.

Sun continuously beating down on your seats can turn them once comfortable pads to dull, cracked, and wrinkled seats (not so comfortable especially when running with shorts on!. Face it, being caught in a rain downpour is simply no fun as far as clean up! Cold air makes things brittle and crack and well, is just less than a pleasant driving condition not to mention being snowed on or worse yet, being caught in sleet! Whether it’s the thunderclouds overhead, beating down sun, or the winter blues a Jeep bikini top is the perfect solution to transform and protect.

While the stock hard top is great for winter months, it’s hardly conducive to a summer road trip up the coast or off-roading in the mountain air. A Jeep soft top and Jeep bikini top protects you from the glare of the sun that would otherwise burn you to a crisp or the occasional shower that would leave you soaked.

Designed specifically to your vehicle’s make, model, and year, each Jeep bikini top is easy to put on or take off with quick-release fasteners that detach and reattach. And you can get them in a wide array of colors to complement or accent your Jeep and styles. Check them out on XtremeTerrain. There are some great deals to be had!

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Jeep Tops & Accessories

Has your Jeep Off Roader been a really good boy or girl this year? If they have and you want to reward them extra special, imagine their delight when they open the gift of a new Jeep Top or Jeep accessories. Yes, they are more expensive than some other gift options, but they can totally update the look of your special off roaders Jeep. I am not about to put descriptions to each and every one of the various different styles of Jeep Tops in this blog, but rather one of each of the general types. To view all the Jeep Tops and Accessories visit our website at Jeep Tops and Accessories. (http://www.xtremeterrain.com/jeeptopsandaccessories.aspx).


Bestop 2-Piece Hard Top without Doors for 1997-06 Jeep TJ Wrangler – $2,519.95

The Bestop Hardtop for Jeep Wrangler — loaded with more unique features and progressive styling than any other top on the market. The one-of-a-kind design of this 2-piece hardtop lets you easily remove the front cockpit cover and store it on the optional roof rack, leaving your interior free for occupants and gear. The rear window features a defroster, which melts snow and ice for a more unobstructed rearward view, while gas charged shocks hold the rear window up for easy loading. The rear window also locks without a key when the tailgate is closed.

All windows are DOT-approved tinted glass. An automotive grade, washable headliner reduces noise while increasing insulation and an overhead dome light illuminates the interior of your Jeep. Vents help keep the side windows clear of frost and a molded-in gel coat provides UV-resistant color. On the inside, overhead mesh pockets in the cockpit cover keep small items like sunglasses, CDs, cell phones and garage door openers handy. And on the outside, grooves in the cockpit cover and over the doors help channel water away from the door opening. Constructed of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, the Bestop Hardtop is available with or without matching upper doors. The upper doors feature dual sliding windows and a handy armrest for a comfortable ride.

Innovative design with removable cockpit cover
Cockpit cover stores on the optional roof rack
Resilient, fiberglass-reinforced plastic
Molded-in gel coat provides UV-resistant color
Automotive grade, washable headliner reduces noise and increases insulation
Grooves in cockpit cover channel water away from doors
Rear window defroster melts snow and ice for an unobstructed rearward view
Rear window locks without a key when a tailgate is closed
Vents help keep the side windows clear of frost
Gas charged shocks hold the rear window up
Overhead dome light illuminates the interior
Interior mesh pockets for storing CDs, cell phones, and garage door openers
DOT approved tinted glass windows
Available with or without matching upper doors, which feature dual sliding windows and handy armrests
Optional Cockpit Cover and Rear Shell Roof Racks allow installation of Universal Rack Tray (sold separately).


Replace-A-Top with Upper Half Door Skins For Jeep 1988-95 Wrangler With Steel Half Doors – $424.95

The Bestop Closer Look Guide will give you detailed information about our most popular Jeep soft tops.

The traditional Replace-a-top (RAT) is the most economical way to replace your aging soft top. RATs give you a color-matched “new top” look. They feature easy installation, weather-stripped doors, and, on most models, zip-out replaceable windows and a patented rear attachment system that makes opening your tailgate a snap. RATs consist of fabric only and fit only factory-original hardware.

Premium 18 oz. Haartz stretch-and-set fabric features high stain and mildew resistance, perfect color matching to original equipment fabric
Scoop-counted, durable #10 YKK zippers allow for easy window replacement
Marine-grade, mildew-resistant T-135 industrial strength thread
Sealed seams throughout for watertight protection
Built to OE specifications (most applications)
Bestop is the original equipment manufacturer on soft tops for Wrangler, Tracker/Vitara, Amigo and many other SUVs worldwide
Kits include door skins, which velcro over OE door frames for ease of installation (where applicable)
Wrangler kits are available with DOT-approved tinted windows
Kit includes fabric, windows and upper door skins for installation over original equipment hardware (where applicable)
No-Drill installation
Two-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on select applications.

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