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Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton

There is no better place to get the best Jeep advice or tips from then the Jeep community itself and that is exactly what we did. We sought the knowledge of seasoned Jeepers to create this awesome list of the first 50 Jeepin 101 Tips. If you like their tips, make sure you let them know.. stop by their facebook page and give them a big ol’ healthy Jeepin thanks! Throughout you will see pictures of some previously featured Jeepers! Enjoy!

#1. Don’t get 2 different size tire on 4wd. It will mess up the drive train. ~ Jeffrey Swafford

#2. Always remember safety is first… Secure yourself and all passengers and any lose objects. ~ Mark Kestner

#3. Always make sure you have front and rear recovery points and a good long strap free of metal, which could break and cause injury. ~ Jocelyn O’Gara

#4. Keep a light n steady throttle foot in low range, slow and steady will usually get ya thru or up it!! ~ Paul Zupancic Jr

#5. When on a multi section obstacle, remember when you pick a line up the first part, check how that line will affect you on the next section. ~ Lee Boening

Kenneth Putnam at Tejon Ranch

#6. Keep a good reliable spare tire of the same size of you are currently wheeling! ~ Jocelyn O’Gara


#7. Don’t go off-roading alone! ~ Lucas Buchanan

#8. Watch big rocks they hurt! ~ Charles Claiborne

#9. Keep all body parts in jeep when tiping or rollin! You won’t stop 3500 lbs with a foot or hand! ~ Chad Johnson

#10. After Jeeping in Mud or Water check fluids in tranny, transfer case, and front & rear diff’s and change accordingly. ~ Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton

#11. When crossing water, remember that the spray outside your rig that looks cool is also just as impressive under your rig, you just cant see it slamming into your intake, a/e, hydrolock! Got one in the shop right now! ~ Camp Crocker

#12. When someone says “Hang on, I wanna try something” – HANG ON! ~ Becky Stokes

#13. If one of your friends says, “Hey fellers, watch this!” Watch……………….:-) ~ Camp Crocker

#14. Take pictures OR it NEVER happened! ~ Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton

#15. ALWAYS keep a first aid kit handy! Be prepared for the unexpected! ~ Jocelyn O’Gara

DawnMarie Loomis

#16. If your plan to get over or through an obstacle is to “stomp the skinny pedal” make sure you and your passengers have your seat belts on!! This cannot be said enough! ~ Ken West


#17. Always carry a patch kit and an air compressor with you or in the group you’re with. ~ David Hatfield

#18. Always carry spare U-joints. ~ Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton

#19. Always have spare axle shafts! ~ David Hatfield

#20. Always keep the ice chest inside of the vehicle, not hanging off of the back.. haha good experience. We took out half our backseat to fit ours :p ~ David Hatfield

#21. Carry spare fluids, brake, gear, tranny, & oil. ~ Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton

#22. Stay on the marked trail, don’t blaze your own way without permission. Tread Lightly! ~ Eric Deverick

#23. WD-40 – Must have onboard! ~ Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton

#24. Keep jumper cables or battery booster with you. ~ Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton

#25. Duct tape and bailing wire Got to love them on the trails!!!!! ~ David Hatfield

Zach Harkness

#26. A piece of old dog chain…quick fix for muffler hanger. ~ Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton


#27. 40 channel CB ~ Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton

#28. Empty water bottle w/squeezable top…many uses…we used it once to clean the mud from my clutch. ~ Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton

#29. Wire brush ~ Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton

#30. Always tighten up anything that could possibly be loose before the trip. ~ David Hatfield

Kevin L. Marchant

#31. A good tool box w/ a variety of wrenches ~ Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton


#32. Always carry a strong rope or a tow strap. ~ David Hatfield

#33. I carry 3 blocks, they are small and a good way to winch at weird angles. ~ Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton

# 34. Tree strap to make tree huggers happy 🙂 ~ Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton

#35. Bring great trail tunes! ~ Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton

Andrew Bennett

#36. High Lift Jack essential! ~ Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton


#37. My Smittybilt XRC8 Winch! ~ Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton

#38. Take along spare lug nuts, or beadlock bolts etc. things that are easy to knock loose and out. ~ David Hatfield

#39. Take extra Hose clamps out on the trails. ~ Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton

#40. Bring a Come a long……holds axle in place…when springs are broke…hehehe!! ~ Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton

Alan and Tammy Czech

#41. Snatch block!!!! ~ David Hatfield


#42. Air down and disconnect…greatly improves off-road ability. ~ Eric Deverick

#43. Long Pry Bar!! ~ Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton

#44. Toilet Paper!!! ~ Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton

#45. Starting fluid and a lighter!!!! to pop those beads back on! ~ David Hatfield

Jennifer Russell

#46. Spare Tire of proper size! ~ Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton


#47. When travelling through deep water or mud, pick a gear and try to stay with it…As soon as you engage your clutch it opens up and allows mud and water in, significantly wearing your clutch out pre-maturely… ~ Jeff Hiltz

#48. Pack out what You pack in! ~ Eric Deverick

#49. Never attach two snatch straps together with a clevis or d-ring! ~ Jeff Hiltz ‎ http://www.facebook.com/Piratejeep

#50. I have these plastic tops which cover a soda can so no mud enters! Wish i can find the website. ~ Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton

Cindy Homans Creighton

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