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We all enjoy taking our Jeeps out on trails whenever we can, in order to keep all that fun and adventure alive it is important that we properly maintain and care for our Jeeps. Not only does providing your Jeep with the proper care and maintenance keep it running great, it also helps it look good for many years. Here are some maintenance steps that will help keep your Jeep looking and running good over the years.

  • Keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance. This includes having your oil changed regularly as well as insuring that all of your fluid levels are at the proper level. By following this step, you are not only insuring that your Jeep will run properly but you are also improving its performance and gas mileage. A well maintained Jeep will also keep its retail value over the years, if you ever decide to sell it.
  • Keep it clean. Many of us enjoy taking our Jeeps off roading, but sometimes we don’t always enjoy cleaning it afterwards. A thorough washing of your Jeep is necessary after each outing. This will help remove any mud, sand and dirt that may have settled on the undercarriage of your vehicle. By not removing these types of dirt from your vehicle, corrosion may occur. Also having quite a bit of dried mud left on your Jeep will add weight to your vehicle and change your gas mileage. A thorough washing and waxing is recommended to keep your vehicle looking and running good.
  • Don’t forget the inside. Just as it is important to keep the exterior of your vehicle clean it is of equal importance to keep the interior just as clean. It is common for vehicles that used for off roading to get just as much dust and mud on the inside as the outside. To avoid damage to the interior of your vehicle and the carpet, a thorough cleaning should be done to remove any dirt and grime that may have found its way inside. Once you have your vehicle looking brand new, you may want to consider upgrading your floor mats to models that are designed to capture and trap as much dirt, sand, snow and mud as possible.

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