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Textured Black Windshield Frame Light Bar for 2007-Up Wrangler JK by Rugged Ridge

Textured Black Windshield Frame Light Bar for 2007-Up Wrangler JK by Rugged Ridge

Installing lights on the windshield of your Jeep will provide you with additional lighting that will not be exposed to trail debris.  Jeep Wranglers are equipped with a folding windshield which allows for a lighting system to be easily installed using a simple bracket system which can be bolted using the factory hinges as secure mounting points.  Adding lights to the windshield of your Jeep will provide you with an extra sense of safety while driving on trails, they can help you spot debris in the road and large rocks that you may have missed before.

The process of adding lights to your windshield brackets is not extremely difficult.  The first thing you should do is park your Jeep in a level spot, this will make working easier.  Next you need to disconnect the negative battery terminal.  After you have securely parked your parked and disconnected the negative terminal your next step will be to install the windshield light brackets.  You will need to remove two bolts that are located on the factory bracket in order to place the light bracket over it.

Next you install the lights onto the brackets; the brackets are equipped with large holes on the top that are capable of holding different sizes of lighting systems.  The lighting system that you purchased should come with mounting hardware; this hardware should include a large locking nut or large nut with a locking washer.  When you’re ready you can insert the light through the top of the bracket and tighten the nut from under the light.

After you have secured the lights to the windshield using the bolts and nuts you will need to connect the wiring harness to the lights and place the wiring harness for each light behind the front hood by the windshield.  Once you have secured the wires for the lights you will now need to connect them with the fuse block supplied in the wiring kit that came with your lights.  You will need to run the wiring from the fuse block to the battery where you will connect for power.  Once your wires are at the battery you will now need to connect the ground wire, after you have done that you will now need to take the power wires and run them into the cabin of your Jeep where they will be connected to an on-off switch.  Now that you have properly wired your lights you are ready to hit the trails.

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