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One of the best parts about being a Jeep owner is the fact that there are tons of events that happen across the country that allow Jeep owners to gather together and share their passion. Some of the events are small and some others are huge. If you live in the Midwest and are looking for something awesome to do this spring you need to check out the Moab Easter Jeep Safari event.

This event takes place in Moab, Utah from March 31st until April 8th 2012. The action packed week features a ton of trail rides, most of which take a full day to complete and is hosted by Red Rock 4-Wheelers Inc.

If you want to attend this event you will have to register in advance to make sure you get the trail that you would like. They offer a wide range of packages including what they call a “First Timer’s” package that features three scenic trails that are aimed at Jeep owners who are newer to trail riding. All of these trials are of the tame variety, but they are still an amazing journey.

The Moab Easter Jeep Safari also offers up something called a “Sophomore Package” which is designed to be a slight step up from the “First Timer’s” Package. This package offers up a new trail each day for three days. Each trail is in a different part of the park and offers a slightly more “intense” ride each day and also completely new scenery.

Both these packages will include the same group of Jeep lovers each day and also the same group leader. This will allow newer members to meet and bond with some new people who will hopefully lead to new friendships and connections.

If neither of these packages work for you or your skills you can look over the other trails offered up during the event and choose them “ala carte”. Just make sure you look them over and only do the ones that match your skill level. While it is great to push your limits from time to time it is also important to remember there will be thousands of other Jeep owners on these trails and you don’t want to delay them because you bit off more than you could chew.

If you don’t live in the Utah area or can’t make it to this year’s event stay tuned to us and we will keep you posted on other great events around the country.

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