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Pentland Hills - south-west of Edinburgh, Scotland

All off-roaders know the importance of proper driving techniques when climbing hills. When you decide to climb a hill there are some things that you should do first. You will want to look at the hill and get a feel for the terrain. Looking at the slope and the terrain will give you an idea of how to approach the hill and where to start your climb. It is important to remember that every hill you climb you may have to come back down, if you feel that you can safely reach the summit and if you have to come back down make sure that you can do so in a safe way.

When you begin your climb you should use a gear that will help pull you up the hill. Choosing the right gear is important when climbing hills, if you choose a gear that is too low, you will spend a lot of time just spinning your wheels. Using a gear that helps your climb instead of fights it will make your ascent that much easier.

Keeping your vehicle parallel with the slope of the hill will help equally distribute the weight of your vehicle. This will also provide you with better traction on all four wheels.

You should also apply most of your power when you begin your climb and back off the gas as you reach the top. This will help keep you in control of your vehicle as it reaches the peak of the hill. Using too much gas towards the top may lead to you losing control and plummeting down the other side.

If you reach a point in your climb where you must stop, remember to turn off the engine while leaving it in gear. If you are stopped on a steep hill you may want to place rocks or blocks behind the tires to avoid it from rolling down the hill. Stopping on a hill can be dangerous; all safety precautions should be followed when stopping.

Stopping on a hill may be necessary when you feel that you are unable to keep climbing the hill, if this is the case you should carefully plan a descent route that will take you back to the bottom safely.

Now who would like to take a trip to Scotland to run those hills?

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