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Unfortunately, Jeep enthusiasts fall upon times when they do not get to go out and play in their Jeeps, whether it is due to a spouse pulling in the reins, a sick kid, extended work hours or illness. This can be crushing for the die hard off roader! In those troubling and sorrowful times you can lessen the pain of being on lock down by playing some Jeep Off roading games online.

Looking for adventure, try out Big Jeep Adventure at http://www.jeepbigadventure.com/. There you will get to drive your brand new jeep through eight different levels while collecting required items as quickly as possible.

Want to go off road mudding online? Then give Jeep Muddin’ a try at http://www.jarkey.net/playgames/jeep-muddin’_game.htm. Here is your chance to get good and muddy and not have to listen to anyone complain. Play for hours in the mud in Jeep Muddin’s off-road championship racing mud bowl. Grab extra equipment, upgrades, and gadgets to unleash even a more powerful Jeep!

Here is where a problem can arise while you are off-roading online. If the little ones catch a glimpse of you playing, you know they are going to want to play as well. Give them a quick fix at Pimp My Jeep at http://www.agame.com/game/Pimp-my-Jeep.html. Here your young off spring off-roaders to be can pimp out their very own jeep with all the extras and then take it for a ride of a lifetime. They can choose their front and rear bumper style, lights, wheels, the color of your jeep, alloy, body style and color, and hood. They can get their fix and you can quickly resume playing more jeep off-roading games online like Mountain Madness.

Mountain Madness can be found at http://www.jeep.com/games/mountain_madness.html where you will become acquainted with a quiet mountain town that is at risk of being buried under an impending avalanche. Only you and your 2005 Trail Rated Jeep Grand Cherokee can save the town as you work through your missions. .

Still craving more jeep off roading adventures, try out Jeep 4×4 Adventure at http://www.net-games.biz/funny-games/Jeep-Adventure.html. There you will find yourself maneuvering through dense jungles while you race your Jeep through treacherous trails.

Crave the need to feel like a rescuer in your Jeep, give Jeep Rescue Patrol at http://www.4ugames.net/startgame.aspx?gameid=27 a turn. Play the rescue ranger, rescuing stranded off-roaders leading them to safety while maneuvering around and over treacherous boulders, mud bogs, trees, and streams.

In closing, take the opportunity to get behind the wheel of an ultra rugged Wrangler Rubicon and save the world from impending doom playing the game Jeep Trail Of Life at http://www.jeep.com/jeep_life/tombraider/index.html. If you like off-roading, you will love this Jeep game.

Never again will you be on total lock down from having some off roading fun! Well, at least not until you are told to shut the computer down and get to bed!

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