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If you are a newbie to Jeep off-roading there are a few things you will want to check before hitting a trail in your Jeep. Jeeps are rugged built, but even the most rugged built Jeep can be taken off the road completely if you do not take some precautions.

Before setting of on your adventure make sure you check your basics. The basics consist of all of the fluids, making sure there is no leaks and everything is topped off full. Bring along extras just in case. Remember, when you are off-roading your Jeep will be working far harder for you then when just going on a casual Sunday drive. While you are at it, check the air filter and the air filter box to make sure they are clear of any debris that may obstruct your airflow.

Check your electrical equipment and make any necessary repairs. Check the air pressure and the tread of your tires. Is your tread appropriate for the terrain you intend on driving on? Bring along a portable air compressor. There are occasions where you may find you either have to deflate your tires for some terrains and later have to inflate them in order to get home.

Make sure you check your ball joints, shocks, belts, hoses, and gas supply. Carry along a jack and make sure your spare tire is in good repair. If any functioning of your Jeep is off, your off-roading experience can end in disaster so make any and all repairs no matter how small before hitting the trails. Visit XtremeTerrain for all your Jeep parts and accessories need and as always. Have a great and safe time off-roading!

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