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Rock Bottom 4 x 4

Kurt Ganrud introduced us to the Rock Bottom 4×4 Club and we thought we would share this 4×4 Club with the rest of you. Rockbottom 4×4 is located out of Minnesota and although they take 4- wheeling seriously, they take safety even more serious. Here is a little more for you on this great Jeep club out of Minnesota and how you can connect if you are interested.


You can find RockBottom 4×4 on Facebook here – RockBottom 4×4
And their website – Rockbottom Website

Company Overview:
Rockbottom4x4 is more than just a club; it’s a family of friends that are dedicated to the responsible way of wheeling and having fun. We’re committed to leaving places better than we found them and making great friends along the way.

Our club is a current member of the Minnesota 4WD Association. Recently there have been a number of fantastic trails around the country that have been closed or are in danger of being closed. Rockbottom4x4 is committed to doing our part, are you doing yours? We hope so. See you on the trails.

Is your rig ready to roll with rockbottom4x4?
Tech requirements to roll with Rockbottom 4×4

Steering box and linkage cannot be loose when turning steering wheel.

Must have front and rear brakes.
Lines must be secured to the axle and frame.
Pinion brakes are allowed.
Pedal must have pressure and not sink to the floor.

No more than 1 of 5 or 2 of 8 missing per wheel.

Must have tow points both front and rear.
All tow points, either welded or bolted, must appear structurally safe with no obvious metal fatigue.
It is the responsibility of each vehicle owner to assess the safety of the vehicle recovery system used.
Hook or clevis secured with two ½” or bigger, grade 5 or better bolts.
Those using receivers with a gross weight over 4,000 lbs must have a minimum 2” receiver. Vehicles weighing under must have a minimum of 1 ¼” receiver. ALL receivers must be properly bolted with grade 5 or better bolts.
Unsafe hooks must be removed.
Absolutely no trailer balls on any trails.
Cannot hook to leaf springs, axle, shackle or factory frame cross members.

No threaded rod for U-bolts.
No suspension damage.
No lift blocks between front axle housing and front spring.

Must be OEM style or equivalent.
No wire, bungee straps or nylon straps allowed.
Battery must not move.

Must have minimum 10” dual, 12” single or OEM mufflers attached to engine. No open headers or straight pipes.

Loose objects in vehicle and bed of truck must be secured.
Floorboards must be able to protect passengers from bodily injury.
First aid kit on board all vehicles.
Skid plate under gas tank.
No visible fluid leaks on vehicle.
No antennas over 48”.

Must be properly anchored.
Required and worn by all passengers.
Child seats / protection required as mandated my state law.

Must be screw type, ½” or bigger – no pin type clevises.
½ – 7/8” clevis must have stamped 10,000lb + rating.
Must have adequate size clevis for the vehicle.
No converted pin – type clevis.

Due to modifications done structurally to each vehicle, it will be the responsibility and liability of each owner and driver of a trail vehicle for the safety of each occupant.
If fabrication is necessary, the minimum roll bar accepted on our trails is 1-1/2” cold rolled at .120 wall thickness with no structural damage to the integrity of the roll over protection.
Vehicles with full removable top and previously rolled trucks must have roll bar securely mounted.
Body mounted roll bars must have backing plates at mounting point.
Vehicles with unsound body structure, fiberglass and aluminum bodies must have a roll bar frame-mounted at a minimum of 4 points.
Must have at least 1 1/2 “ diameter tube for main hoop and kickers; no well pipe or exhaust tubing.
Roll bars must have an inspection hole.
Vehicles with altered body/chassis/drive train combinations are required to follow roll bar rules as stated for removable hard top or unsound body structure vehicles.
Examples of “Altered body/chassis/drive train” combinations are S-10 pickup on a full size chassis; old style Bronco on a full size Bronco frame, basically, any vehicle body that was not factory built to handle a roll-over with the additional modified weight will require roll bar protection for it’s occupants.

Minimum 2 pound, type ABC.
No Halon.
Must be securely mounted in a quick-release mounting bracket within reach of a seat-belted driver.
Must be fully charged.
Gauge style only, no push button type.

2” minimum or 3” minimum if full size or modified truck with 4” maximum, 10,000 lb rating minimum rating. No ropes over 1 1/2 “ diameter.
Straps must be in good shape; no excessive tears or fraying.
Cannot have hooks attached to the strap.
No chains or tire chains.
No metal splicing between straps.

To make a short story long, if it’s questionable, it’s out. Nothing ruins a fun day like sirens and blood.

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