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Olympic 4X4 Products 2"x3" Box Tube Nerf Bars for 07-09 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK 4 Door

Jeeps are often raised high off the ground, requiring many people to climb or jump to be able to get to the seats. This is an inconvenience and it keeps a lot of people from ever enjoying owning a Jeep. Even if they like the height advantage they have when driving a Jeep, the fact that it is not always easy to get in one makes owning a Jeep pointless for them.


If it’s hard to get in and out of your Jeep, there is a way around it! All you have to do is install side steps. Side steps are bars or plates that attach to the side of your Jeep. Many have a non-skid surface, making it safer to climb in and out of your Jeep when the weather is bad. Jeep side steps allow you and even children to get in and out of a Jeep easier, even if you have your arms full.

Many people prefer the plate kind of side steps for their Jeep. These plates usually have tread and a non-skid surface. They are often aluminum in color but you can also find them in black powder coated tread. You can choose from various lengths such as 18 inches or 12 inches. Other forms of Jeep side steps have a step plate attached to a bar. The bars attach to the side of the Jeep, and then you can easily step down on the plate. There is even a kind of side step that is a bar with a step attached at the bottom; it’s perfect for Jeeps that have lift kits. Another kind of Jeep side step is a bar. These are simply bars that attach to the side of your Jeep. Some have a section for a step that is merely a textured part of the bar and others are just a bar.

You will have to decide what kind of Jeep side steps you want for your Jeep. Are you more comfortable stepping on a plate or do you feel safe with a bar? Do you like the look of the bar step but want a step plate? If so, then the combination styles of a bar with a plate would probably be best for you. Most will need to be mounted to your Jeep, which gives you a secure fit and many come with a warranty.

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Do you know how easy it is to pimp out your Jeep’s exterior? Well, it isn’t as hard as some would like to think it is. You can easily make some simple adjustments or changes that will have your Jeep looking more rugged, improve its safety, or just give it some personal flare.

Let’s start with armor and protection like rocker panels, skid plates, differential protections, roll bars, roll cages, side steps, etc. Jeep armor protects essential components of your Jeep adding safety but can also add a nice rugged statement as well. It shows you care about your Jeep and that you know your stuff when it comes to off roading.

Body lifts and mounts definitely add a noticeable statement to your Jeep. Ontop of some oversized tires, body lifts give you that clearance you need to get through the roughest terrain without tearing up your under carriage or worse. Lifts come in as small as one inch to as high as 3 inches. Then there is Suspension Lift Kits that can take your Jeep over the top and screams out “Beat that!”

Then for even more added protection, style, or maybe an upgrade there are Jeep Bumpers, Spare Tire Carriers, Hitches, and Towing accessories.

Then you have the top of your Jeep you can customize with a new top – there are hard tops, soft tops, bikini tops, windjammers and Dusters and more.

You can tint the window for an added flare as well.

There are racks and storage and winches and recovery gear that can all add your own personal touch to your Jeep. Then there are the lights! Jeep lights have always kind of made their own statement. In the dark of the night when you see headlights coming your way you can spot a Jeep out of the crowd in an instant. You can take that distinguishing factor and go the extra mile with a lighting bar with auxiliary lights, or add some fun lighting covers.

You can give your Jeep a subtle change or an extreme makeover, show your style, your personality, the love of your Jeep by pimping out your Jeep’s exterior.

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