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ARB Snorkel, TJ ( 6 cyl) Built From Sept 1999-06

ARB Snorkel, TJ ( 6 cyl) Built From Sept 1999-06

There is little worse for a Jeep owner then getting deep into a trail run and coming up to an uncross able body of water that you were not prepared for.  For most Jeep owners there are two choices:  attempt to make it across and pray you don’t get stuck or turn around and go home.

The first idea may sound like the only real option for most Jeep owners, but the truth is that attempting to cross a body of water without the proper equipment is a recipe for disaster.  Of course, we all think we have the skill to make it, we truly never know what lurks below the water.  What may seem like a foot and a half of water may actually be three or four feet of water.  Most of our Jeeps would make the former, but most of us would get stuck and ruin our Jeep if the later were true.

And of course there are very few Jeep trail riders who will ever just turn around and go back.  So that is not really an option.   But there is a third option: install a snorkel!

New Jeep snorkels will run just under 500 bucks and the install is time consuming, but most people even remotely handy can take care of the installation themselves.  Most of the good snorkels will have very easy to understand instructions in the packaging.

Before you start the install yourself you will want to make sure you have all the tools you need to complete the job properly as it is not suggested that you cut any corners when installing this particular part on your Jeep.  One little mistake or corner cut can lead to a flooded and completely destroyed engine.

Once you have the snorkel properly installed it is suggested that you find a small body of water to test our tour work.  It is best to test it in a place that will allow the engine to be submerged, but not for a long time, pretty much just an in and out of water experience.  Once the short test is completed check all the seals to make sure they survived and check to make sure water did not get into the engine.

While you may not use the snorkel on everyone of your off-road adventures it is a very useful piece of equipment to have because it will mean you have the freedom to go wherever you want when ever your want!

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