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Grey Overhead 6 Speaker Soundbar for 1987-2002 Wrangler YJ and TJ by Rugged Ridge

Grey Overhead 6 Speaker Soundbar for 1987-2002 Wrangler YJ and TJ by Rugged Ridge

One of the biggest challenges for Jeep owners is keeping the music soundtrack from their stereo inside the car when the soft top is on or the top is off all together.  Some drivers solve the problem with ear buds, but that leaves your passenger tuneless.  Other drivers just crank up the music, but that often distorts the sound and keeps you from truly enjoying the carefully selected trail tunes.

Luckily, those two options are not the only two options.  The final and best option for Jeep lovers across the world is to install a relatively inexpensive soundbar.  While soundbars can be used in any type of vehicle they are perfect for Jeep Wranglers.

One of the reasons they are great for Wranglers is because they can be easily installed on one of the roll bars.  If they are installed properly the sound is much closer to the driver and passenger’s ears.  Being closer to the ears means the driver doesn’t have to crank it up too far, thus allowing the music to play in the purest of forms.

Another great reason to grab a soundbar for a Jeep Wrangler is that they are super easy to install yourself because there are several companies that make soundbars especially for the Wrangler.  A couple of the styles even come in two or three matching colors so they look like they belong with the Jeep.

Installing a soundbar is as easy as drilling a few holes into the roll cage, screwing in a couple of screws, and then running the speaker wire to the stereo.  Most people will run the wiring down the side of the roll cage and underneath the padding so the wire will be mostly hidden.    The wiring can also be run underneath the floor and then connected directly to the stereo by running it behind the front console.

If you don’t want to drill holes in the roll cage in order to install your soundbar you can also use brackets or Velcro.  While both are great options it may not be the wisest option to use Velcro if you plan on hitting some serious bumps.

To install using a bracket you will want to attach the brackets to the roll bar and then attach the soundbar to the brackets.  You will then run the wiring the same way as you would if you had attached it directly to the cage.

If you choose to use Velcro make sure you get a good quality one with lots of strength.  To attach it to the Jeep you simply lift the soundbar place with the Velcro securely fastened to the soundbar and then tightly wrap the Velcro around the roll bar.

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