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Tim Chandler

Hi everyone! We have another great Featured Jeeper – Tim Chandler!!!

Moab UT Easter 2009

XtremeTerrain: Tell us a little about yourself Tim.
Tim: U.S. Army Retired (20 yrs), 47 years old, married to my lovely wife Paula (for 24 yrs!!!!), two daughters 18 &21, Logistics Manager for the Department of Defense on Hill Air Force Base, UT.

Nephi Wheeling

XtremeTerrain: What type of Jeep do you run?
Tim: 2007 Wrangler JK X (2 door/ soft top)


XtremeTerrain: Favorite spot to off road?
Tim: MOAB!

Little Moab II

XtremeTerrain: Favorite off roading quote?
Tim: Johnny just broke… again! (my brother in-law)

Little Moab II

XtremeTerrain: If you could have any modifications done, what would they be?
Tim: Dana 60’s front & rear, 37 inch tires.

Little Moab II

XtremeTerrain: What was your best/worse modification if any?
Tim: Best: ARB lockers, Worst: Siping my tires

Saint George UT

XtremeTerrain: Do you belong to any off roading organization, if so which one(s)?
Tim: Horn 4X4 club & Wasatch Outlaw Wheelers, both from Ogden, UT.

XtremeTerrain: How old were you when you first started off roading?
Tim: Around 19 years old.

Little Moab

XtremeTerrain: Why you love Jeep Off Roading?
Tim: Seeing all the beauty this country has to offer & taking yourself & your vehicle to the limit.


XtremeTerrain: Any off roading story or incident you would like to share.
Tim: I wheel as much as I can & I’m concerned that we are losing more & more of our trails every year! If you wheel & are not part of the fight to keep our public lands open, you need to get involved!

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